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Tanjung Mee Goreng Soon Hin, Melaka

by Bangsar Babe

When it comes to food in Melaka, people would often recommend Nyonya kuih, laksa, satay, cendol or asam pedas. In this post, I’m featuring something different – Tanjung Mee Goreng Soon Hin, recommended to us by a friend.

Now you would probably wonder, “Why would anyone eat mee goreng in Melaka?”


My thoughts exactly, when our friend suggested that we try the Tanjung Mee Goreng from Soon Hin. The name “Tanjung” came about because the business started in Tanjung before they opened their shop in Taman Gadong Perdana and also Plaza Mahkota.


Basic interior


Soon Hin’s façade is unassuming – plastic table and stools, with faded name signage. Almost everyone in the shop had a plate of mee goreng in front of them, and we followed suit. Mee Goreng (RM7 – small, RM8 – large) and a sunny side up (RM1).


Our noodles didn’t take long to arrive. Appearance-wise, it looked simple. Too simple actually. Reddish hue, slightly glossy from the oil and sauce, with fishcake slices and mid-size prawns. The noodles come with fresh cucumber, red shallots and lime on the side.


Tanjung Mee Goreng


Saucier than your average mee goreng

You’re supposed to eat this Chinese-style mee goreng with kicap manis and vinegar for that sweet, tangy kick. We did what was recommended – squeeze the lime into the noodles and eat it as it is first. The first thing that hits you is how spicy the noodles are. It’s saucier than your regular mee goreng and the noodles have a better bite; toothsome, I would say.


Noodles have a springy texture


Delicious stuff

The cucumber and shallots give the noodles that fresh and crunchy aftertaste, after the initial spiciness dies down. Add in the kicap manis and vinegar, and the mee goreng takes on new layers of flavour. The sweetness from the kicap and the sharp acidity from the vinegar elevates the flavours of the mee goreng.

I find the overall taste “fuller” and bolder. With the sunny side up, you get the creaminess from the yolk that softens the spiciness of the noodles. You’ll need to try it for yourself to experience what Tanjung Mee Goreng is all about.


A silent dark horse in Melaka cuisine that tastes better than it looks. Keep some space in your stomach for Tanjung Mee Goreng Soon Hin when you’re in Melaka!

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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 7.5/10 (pork-free)
Verdict: Spicy, tangy and unapologetically delicious.


Tanjung Mee Goreng Soon Hin
36, Jalan GP 1,
Taman Gadong Perdana,
75250 Melaka
Tel: 012-973 4878
Business hours: 8.30am till 4pm

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