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Mr Lee Restaurant, Klang

by Bangsar Babe

When I posted about the chicken rice in SS14 Subang, I received a flurry of recommendations telling me that my pick wasn’t “the best one”. Out of the list, Mr Lee Restaurant in Taman Berkeley, Klang stood out.

Perhaps it was because of location. Or perhaps it was because the person recommending this said that once I try Mr Lee’s chicken rice, I will never return to my original spot, which he deems is “complete and utter bullshit”.

So Jien and I went, the weekend itself.


Mr Lee Restaurant is located along the same row as the famous Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih and Mo Sang Kor in Taman Berkeley – a hot spot for some of the best eats in the area, I reckon. Service is brisk so we didn’t wait long for our food to arrive.


For fair comparison, I ordered the same dishes as I did at the chicken rice spot in SS14; poached chicken, char siew, siew yuk, kai si hor fun, curry noodles and a plate of rice infused with chicken stock.


Char siew and siew yuk platter


Ask for a fattier cut if you like your meats “pun fei sau”

The char siew (RM8.50 for a combination of siew yuk and char siew) is quite decent at Mr Lee’s, boasting a good amount of char and caramelisation with the meat being tender enough. Do ask for a fattier cut if you like a balance of half meat half fat, else you might get a leaner cut like I did.


Siew yuk is quite decent


Curry noodles


I also like the siew yuk better here as the skin is lighter and crisper, while the pork belly is nicely seasoned and not as “rough” in texture, if you get what I mean. This went especially well with the curry noodles (RM8.50 with roasted pork) I ordered, though the broth for the latter seems to lack depth and oomph.


Kai si hor fun


Mr Lee’s kai si hor fun (RM6.50) is slightly better than Kar Heong’s in my opinion. Simply because they use a finer version of kuay teow versus the rough type, which I feel isn’t suitable in such a delicate broth. I remember Kar Heong starting out with finer hor fun, before switching to the one they currently have, which I’m not a fan of.

Now, let’s talk chicken.


Poached chicken thigh


Poached chicken breast

Since this is after all, a chicken rice debate. I ordered regular white chicken (both thigh RM6.50 and breast RM6) to get a good gauge of this place and yes, it’s quite good. But is it better than Kar Heong? I’m saying no. Because the seasoning isn’t as aromatic and the breast portion of the chicken isn’t as tender compared to Kar Heong.


Chilli sauce

As for the chilli dipping sauce, I’d say skip it as it doesn’t do much to the overall flavour of the chicken rice. So all in all, Mr Lee Restaurant is a good recommendation for those wanting variety as their char siew, siew yuk and kai si hor fun is tastier than Kar Heong.

But since we’re comparing apple to apple, or in this case, chicken to chicken, I still think Kar Heong serves slightly better poached chicken. If you’re living in Klang or within a short distance, this is definitely a place to check out.

Go check out both Kar Heong and Mr Lee, and tell me which one you prefer – chicken to chicken. ;)

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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 6.5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Pretty good char siew and siew yuk. The poached chicken with kai si hor fun is worth checking out too.


Mr. Lee Restaurant 李想吃烧腊店
21, Lebuh Bangau,
Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang.
Tel: 014-932 4318
Business hours: 8.30am till 8.30pm

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