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CK Noodle House, Bandar Sunway

by Bangsar Babe

Jien often comes home from work with food; his attempt to show me love and care. He would have takeaway fried chicken, burgers and of late, pork noodles from this lunch place he’s been frequenting called CK Noodle House in Bandar Sunway.


We went there together recently as he wanted me to try the other items they have on the menu. On a weekend, the restaurant is quiet so I reckon they cater more to the office crowd. Good for us, because we didn’t wait long for our food to arrive.


Steamed Chicken

I was told the steamed chicken rice (RM9) is pretty good – almost as good as the one from apparently. We ordered a portion without rice to try and it was indeed, quite tasty. The chicken is tender enough with plenty of flavour and aroma from the sesame oil and seasoning. I wouldn’t mind having this again.


Claypot loh shi fun


Mix everything up

The claypot loh shi fun (RM9) comes with plenty of pork lard on top so you get that rich whiff of aroma when the noodles are placed on the table. Mix everything up with the raw egg, as the egg gives the dish a smooth texture and richer flavour. This goes well with sambal belacan which is self-service at the back of the restaurant.


Pork noodle (soup)


Check out the amount of pork lard given

Portions are generous here – the pork noodles (RM8 per bowl) comes with a good amount of minced pork, pork ball and innards. We omitted the innards as none of us enjoy eating them. The broth is sweet from meats and they are generous with the lard oil, which makes the noodles tastier.


Pork noodles (dry)


Unadulterated pork broth

You can also opt for the dry version to keep the soup separate and unadulterated. Jien ordered the dry pork noodles for comparison and we liked the soup for this better. I still feel the pork noodles from and are better but the one at CK Noodle House is decent enough and according to Jien, you only need to wait for 15 minutes or less.


So if you’re short of time (most of us are anyway), I reckon the pork noodles at CK Noodle House is a safer bet compared to the .

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Price: 7/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 6.5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Decent pork noodles and generous portions. Try the steamed chicken too!


CK Noodle House
38, Jalan PJS 11/28b,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 018-206 8462

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