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Katz Delicatessen, New York

by Bangsar Babe

Katz Delicatessen in New York is an institution on its own — a spot where locals go for apparently the best pastrami sandwich that leaves you stuffed, but wanting more. It was one of rif and my must-try places during our (too short) time in the city and we’re so glad we got to try it for ourselves.


Friendly chaps


Like many F&B spots in New York, Katz Delicatessen has an ordering system in place. You go in and get yourself a ticket, which you then take to the ordering counter and tell them what you would like. The staff will make you the sandwich of your choice on the spot, and you take it (along with some gherkins/pickles) to a vacant table at the communal dining area.


Table service area

You can also opt for table service which allows you to skip the queue and ordering process. So after you take a ticket, you may proceed to the tables along the side and have a nice waiter attend to you.


So much meat for ONE sandwich.


Slather on some sauce

The pastrami is cured for 30 days to bring out the best flavours of the meat. People come here for the pastrami on rye, which is so good you’ll want another to go. They are really generous with the portions at Katz — expect a lot more meat than bread in your sandwich, to a point it’s hard to fit everything into your mouth at one go.


Pastrami on rye


Look at the meat to bread ratio!


So good, I tell you!!

It is indeed one of the best sandwiches I’ve eaten in my life. The meat is well-cured and tender, and I love the sharp accents from the mustard and pickles. This pastrami on rye sandwich ($19.95) is large enough for two, but trust me when I say you’ll want to entire serving for yourself. ;)


Roast beef


Melts in the mouth


rif had the roast beef sandwich ($18.95) and it was also very good. The meat is beautifully tender and rimmed with tasty, melt-in-the-mouth fat. It is also served with rye bread and a generous spread of mustard for that added kick. This is a must-try if you’re dining in a pair — get both the pastrami and roast beef on rye, and split it with the other person!


Spot the ticket






Spot the seat “Where Harry met Sally”.

If you’re lucky, you get to sit at the table “Where Harry Met Sally”. We didn’t get that chance though, haha!


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Katz Delicatessen New York
205 E Houston St, New York,
NY 10002, United States.
Tel: +1 212-254-2246
Open 24 hours
Facebook Page

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