When our regular coffee place started serving less than mediocre coffee, I had to find a few back-ups that open till late. Rekindle in SS2 was one of them – they open till midnight. The place itself is quaint and cosy; tables come in the form of the old-school sewing machine (that paddles back and forth) and a corner with large pillows to sit on.

(Edit June 2, 2014: I went back a few more times and the place isn’t what it used to be. The outlet gets packed around 9pm and people crowd around your table waiting for you to leave. Not an experience I enjoyed, because the whole purpose of doing coffee is to sit down for a nice chat. I don’t get that with Rekindle these days.)


I love the quirky set-up, but those with longer legs might protest. Like rif, whose legs keep knocking against the underside of the table. :P

The crowd is young; hippie more like it. Many of them are students I reckon, judging from their carefree manner and dressing. The Flat White is decent – good enough to ease my coffee craving especially over a slice of red velvet. I find the espresso base stronger because ground coffee beans are “double basket pulled” to give you more oomph.


Flat white. butterscotch latte and red velvet

The red velvet is one of the best I’ve tried in Klang Valley, I must say. The cake is moist and not overly sweet, with a good balance of cocoa in the mix. Very eye-catching against the snowy white icing; pretty to look at and fun to eat. If I’m not mistaken, a slice cost RM11.90. Hopefully they won’t decrease the size of each slice going forward.

Rekindle serves flavoured coffees too, like the butterscotch latte (RM12) rif tried. For some reason, my man is a sucker for all things butterscotch and caramel hahaha. I didn’t like this, because it tasted more like candy than coffee.

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Coffee: 6/10 (pork free)
Verdict: Decent coffee. Try the red velvet while you’re at it.


Jalan SS2/64
47300 Petaling Jaya,
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Kash April 23, 2014 - 2:34 pm

A good coffee is when you drink it black, without sugar…that will indicate how good it is.


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