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Restoran Aunty Lee, Melaka


Ikan masak cili garam

People often ask me where they can find good Nyonya food in Melaka and to be honest, I didn’t really have an answer. That’s because I’m blessed to have a mother in-law who cooks good Nyonya food at home.


Hi Aunty Lee!

But I got to try pretty good and authentic Nyonya dishes at Restoran Aunty Lee in Melaka recently. Getting here is a little tricky as this small shop house is located in a housing estate in Ujong Pasir. Fortunately, my father in-law is from Ujong Pasir so he knew the area like the back of his hand.


Limited tables


It’s best to call ahead and reserve a table. Better still, call ahead to reserve a table and order your food. Otherwise, you might have to wait or risk missing out on popular dishes. We dined in a party of seven that evening, so we ordered quite a few items to share.


Aromatic, spicy and tasty

Of all the dishes I tried, the ikan cili garam (market price) and sambal petai prawns (18 – small, RM23 – medium, RM28 – large) were noteworthy. The cili garam was hand pounded and stir-fried till paste is aromatic. This went very well with the fish, which was relatively fresh.


Sambal petai prawns

The sambal petai prawns packed a wallop of flavour and heat. A bit oily, this dish, but the petai was crunchy and the prawns were fresh and sweet.


Cincalok omelette

The cincalok omelette (RM11 – small, RM16 – medium, RM21 – large) was pretty basic but nicely done. I liked the Aunty Lee fried chicken (RM12 – small, RM20 – medium – RM28 – large); this was well marinated and the meat was juicy.


Aunty Lee’s fried chicken


Juicy and terrifically seasoned


Fried sotong

The fried sotong (RM18 – small, RM23 – medium, RM28 – large) was nothing to shout about. This was rif’s order; he orders fried sotong whenever he gets the change to do so. Which is often. 🙄 Kerabu Timun (RM10 – small, RM13 – medium, RM16 – large) was refreshing, but my father in-law said it didn’t have enough oomph.


Kerabu Timun


Nyonya Chap Chai

Nyonya Chap Chai (RM12 – small, RM15 – medium, RM18 – large) is a customary dish in all Peranakan households. Aunty Lee’s version was tasty from the generous amount of beancurd paste and packed with black fungus and beancurd skin.


Aunty Lee’s cendol

I also had the cendol (RM3.50) which was passable, but nowhere as good as Aunty Koh’s cendol. The bill came up to about RM180 for the above. A bit expensive, but if you want a good Nyonya home cooked meal, that’s the price you have to pay.


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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 7.5/10 (halal)
Verdict: Pretty decent food. Tables are limited so please call ahead to book.


Restoran Aunty Lee
385 Jalan Ujong Pasir,
Melaka 75050,
Tel: 06-2831009
GPS Coordinates: N 2 11.198 E 102 16.424

11 Responses

  1. is it Halal Restaurant?

  2. Prettiest cendol I’ve ever seen. Cendol like this, only in mlk.

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Agree! But it’s not the tastiest. Hehehe

  3. I usually only try the famous restaurants like Nancy’s Kitchen since I hardly venture far from Jonker Street. Thanks for this post. Will keep it in mind the next time I’m in Malacca.

    1. Bangsar Babe

      No prob! Try and let me know what you think. 🙂

  4. Edwin

    Thanks for the great review and pics!
    I’m trying to find the best nyonya food in Melaka. If I can only choose one, which one should I choose – Nancy’s Kitchen near Jonker street, Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuising at Melaka Raya, Restoran Nyonya Suan at Bandar Hilir, or Restoran Aunty Lee ? I also heard that there is one in Bugis stttelment but I don’t know the details.
    Also I’m surprised your group did not try Ponteh, an authentic Melaka Nyonya dish. Is it available in Aunty Lee’s restaurant?

    1. Jaynine

      Hi Edwin,
      If I have to choose, it will definitely be Aunty Lee’s

  5. Chong CJ

    What other food do you recommend in Melaka?

    1. Jaynine

      Hi Chong, we always travel up to Aunty Lee’s for their peranakan food at least once in every 2-3 mths… Its truly authentic and

  6. one of the best restaurant in melaka raya.

  7. Alex

    My goodness the food really sucks! Tried the so called restaurant’s specialties ayam buah keluak n the famous chap chai, it wasn’t that special infact it was abit turn off instead! The chap chai was a way too sourish maybe they hv over cook the ‘golden needle flower’ that causes this taste, the cincalock omelette egg was tasteless! wldn’t hv recommend this restaurant for typical Nonya food. And guess what they charge $3 for sambal chilli which I think shld be a complimentary for people that is willing to travel so far down to try their so called “peranakan food”! Is really high time for them to review the way they prepare it! Is not peranakan food at all…

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