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rif has a habit of eating McDonald’s when he’s in a foreign country. He ate McDonald’s in almost every city during our Europe trip, China, Singapore … :roll:

IMG_7228 copy

IMG_7227 copy

We arrived past 10pm in Gold Coast and by the time we put our bags in the hotel, almost every restaurant was closed. Except McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s. I didn’t care for either of them, but they had wifi and I needed to use the internet badly. Blogger syndrome, I know!

IMG_7230 copy

Grand Angus

IMG_7231 copy


Grand Angus sounded mightier than Mighty Angus, or so I thought. Turns out, it was hardly grand. rif’s Mighty Angus was better than mine. The Grand Angus tasted very much like Big Mac. I was sorely disappointed.

IMG_7225 copy

Mighty Angus

IMG_7223 copy

Good thing there isn’t a McDonald’s in Maldives. Or else … *faint*

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