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Blogging…even during Miss Universe Malaysia 2010

    • If you charge for your food reviews.
    • If you only write good things about a restaurant just because you’re getting your meal for free.
    • If you use tissue paper to blot the oil off your McD Fries or any other fries for that matter.
    • If you keep stealing ideas from other bloggers. Don’t be so lame.
    • If you can’t cook a proper meal. Maggi mee with egg and ham/burger with pre-purchased patty isn’t a ‘proper’ meal.
    • If you order a set lunch and ask your friend to order a degustation menu, AND you sneak bites from your friend’s menu.
    • If you don’t know the difference between raw and sous vide.
    • If you’re mostly interested in anti-reviewing food places which other (better) bloggers reviewed.
    • If you use a big ass camera but can’t write to save your life (courtesy of Lot of Cravings)
    • If you eat your steak well done (courtesy of Lot of Cravings)
    • If you can’t differentiate between tenderloin, sirloin and rib eye (courtesy of Lot of Cravings)

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