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We woke up earlier on the third day because rif planned a pretty packed day for us. Yes, he’s always been a planner. Our Europe trip in 2007 was planned using Microsoft Excel! Made took us to Sukawati to shop for a short while. We were slightly disappointed because he didn’t take us to Pasar Seni Sukawati. Made took us to Pasar Seni Guwang Sukawati instead, which had less things/items to see. Oh well, we did buy a Koi fish painting for Rp65,000/RM23. You can get the paintings for cheap, if you know how to bargain. The opening price for our painting was Rp200,000/RM70.

Stopped for a bowl of bakso (Rp4,000/RM1.40), which was the tastiest and cheapest bakso I ate in Bali. We headed to Mount Batur after that, and stopped by Tegalalang to look at well, rice terraces. Reached Mount Batur 1.5 hours later, feeling really hungry. rif told Made stopped us at Grand Puncak Sari restaurant for a lunch buffet.
For rp100,000/RM35, the food selection was decent. However, everything was cold and average tasting. Two Americans next to us were charge Rp150,000/RM52 per person, so take note of this. We learnt afterwards that we could actually bargain for our lunch buffet and get it for about Rp85,000.

The view from the restaurant was beautiful; we got really good seats. Don’t miss this when you’re visiting Bali. The weather up there is quite chilly, so don’t forget to bring a cardigan/scarf/sweater.

Danau Batur

On the way down, we stopped by Danau Batur (the lake), said to be the largest crater lake in Bali. When Made heard that I wanted to try Kopi Luwak, he took us to BAS (Buana Amertha Sari) Coffee Farm at Jalan Tirta on our way down from Mount Batur.

Shy Civet

Coffee roasting process

The café is built on the hill, so you can enjoy the view while sipping on your coffee. We ordered a pot of Kopi Luwak (Rp30,000/RM10) and were given a free sampler of Bali coffee (female), ginseng coffee, cocoa, ginger tea and lemongrass tea. Smokers can roll their own cigarette(s) for free. rif ordered the male Bali coffee for Rp10,000/RM3.50.

Rolling my own cigarette — damn fail! ~_~

Kopi Luwak (green pot) and free samplers

Made & rif

Sip sip…

I found the Kopi Luwak rather mild. It was hardly bitter and easy to drink plain. That said, I wasn’t wowed. I actually liked rif’s Bali coffee better.

Bali coffee (male)

A small pack of Kopi Luwak cost Rp300,000/RM104.50. Freaking expensive! I decided to be kiam siap (stingy) and bought the Bali coffee (female) for Rp180,000/RM62.70 (6 packs). It’s pretty decent coffee – good enough to drink in the morning at work.

We reached Pura Tirta Empul, Tampaksiring around 5pm – entrance fee is Rp15,000/RM5.20 per person. One of six most important temples in Bali, people come here to bathe in the sacred spring, said to have curative properties.

Don’t you think rif looks ridiculous in that sarong? Lol

Dinner was at a restaurant/gallery called I Made Joni in Ubud. The restaurant is located by the paddy field, so it was nice and breezy. Prices were expensive, like most tourist traps. My bebek (duck) set meal cost Rp165,000/RM57.50 while rif’s nasi campur Bali was Rp75,000/RM26. Good thing portions were generous, else we would have walked out of the restaurant feeling totally ripped off.

Nasi Campur Bali

Soup — blergh tasting

Bebek Rice

Dessert — part of the Bebek set
I Madi Joni
Restaurant & Gallery
Teges Kanginan Ubud
80571 Bali
(0361) 975324 – 974738

Did I mention how much I hate the tax & service charge in Bali? 21% on everything, even warungs!

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