Home Bridal Bouquet

It baffles me how flowers can cost so much just for a wedding. Someone told me she spent close to RM30,000 (THIRTY THOUSAND RINGGIT!!) on flower decorations for her wedding last year. After the event ended, 90% of the flowers went to waste. Maybe I should be a florist; I’ll definitely earn more than what I’m getting as a writer.

Picture credit: google.com

Even a simple bridal bouquet cost more than RM150 and the flowers will wither after 3 days. For RM150, I would rather get a chocolate/cookie bouquet….then I can snack on them in case I’m hungry during the reception.

Picture credit: Finest Expressions

At the moment, I’m so tempted to cut some of my neighbour’s flowers and turn them into my bridal bouquet. But if I do so, she might never talk to me again…