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My snatch theft incident last year left me with a scar on my back and horrible memories I will never forget. After what happened, I became more cautious and stopped carrying so much cash with me — I started relying on my credit card.

I only have ONE credit card, mainly because I refuse to pay for the annual fee and service tax for 2-3 cards. While my current credit card said “no annual fee”, they cunningly charge it to my statement every year. I absolutely hate calling them up to threaten to cancel my credit card and wait for them to go, “Ok ok, we will waive the annual fee….and credit it back to your account IN THE NEXT STATEMENT“.

When I pay for my meals via my credit card, I don’t earn points. Instead, I get a 0.75% cash back, which really isn’t much. With the new Maybankard 2 cards in the market, I was told that they give customers 5x points, 5% cash back, low interest rate (8.88% per annum) and free annual fee — I found that hard to believe. Two (2) cards for the benefits above and I only have to pay service tax for one (1) card. That’s extra savings!

With our wedding preparations and additional expenses here and there, rif and I have been spending quite a bit of money — the deposit on our hotel ballroom was a 5-figure sum.

Because of that, we had to put our “wants” on hold. That includes an iPad for rif and the Samsung Galaxy Tab for me as most of our cash-flow are tied to the wedding preparation and our new place.

Since we’re planning to get the Maybankard 2 Cards (rif is already using a Maybankard Credit Card) to enjoy the benefits, we would also stand the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab. That’s because we will definitely be spending more than the minimum RM15,000 during the contest period (Jan 18 – Apr 17, 2011) using the Maybankard 2 American Express Card, of course.

Maybank is also running another contest for those who can’t afford to spend that much to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab. An iPod Shuffle, iPad or a Grand Prize Winning voucher of RM10,000 is up for grabs simply by recruiting more people via Facebook.

Maybankard 2 Cards is definitely something I’m considering, as I want a card that offers me more benefits instead of the meagre 0.75% cash back I’m currently getting.

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