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When rif and I went to Paris in 2007, we took the Eurostar high speed train from London St. Pancras International Station. It took us about 2 hours to reach Gare du Nord, Paris. I wanted to take the train to Paris again (late July 2010) but my brother insisted flying was better. Hate is a strong word, but I seriously hate flying via EasyJet. If you think our low cost carriers are crappy, think again.

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We departed from Luton Airport around noon and reached Charles de Gaulle, Paris in an hour. Worst flight I’ve taken! The plane felt flimsy and it was so small, I could feel us bobbing up and down in the air. Good thing I didn’t eat before the flight – I would have been sick.

View from our hotel room

Narcissistic moments

Mum caught the camwhore bug too!

We stayed at Timhotel (16 Rue De Cambareceres) near Champ Elysee for about €165 per night (we were there for 3 days, 2 nights, so it’s cheaper) since my parents didn’t want to travel up and down via metro, the way rif and I did. We were travelling on a budget back in 2007, so we got a cheap hotel in Jaurès (€25 per night).

Know your breads

Know your cheeses

This time, the hotel location was more convenient as the metro station was 500 metres in front and Champ Elysee was a 10-min walk away.

Champ Elysee

Saint Augustin

My parents chose to take the metro (Miromesnil) to Charles de Gaulle Etoile and exited at Arc de Triomphe, at the top of Champ Elysee. A day travel pass cost €5.50. Since I somewhat knew my way around (via metro), I took became the “tour guide”.

Lunch at Pépinière Brasserie

Review on the place HERE.

Grilled Salmon

Ham Omelet

Steak Frites

Onion Soup


Pâté de Campagne

Typical tourist shot

I wanted to eat and go sightseeing, but all my parents and brother wanted to do was shop. They spent a ridiculous amount of time in designer shops at Champ Elysee, Saint Honore and Galleries Lafayette. My parents wanted to buy me an LV handbag, but I wasn’t that keen. In the end, mum chose this bag for me. It’s nice, but I don’t like spending so much $ for a bag. Unless that bag can lay golden eggs for me.

Nice or not?

I nearly died of boredom waiting for them in Louis Vuitton; even the queue to enter the shop was ridiculously long. The toilet in LV was so clean, I could lie on the floor and sleep! Seriously, the cleaning lady would wipe the sink, clean the toilet bowl, mop the floor and dry everything after someone uses the toilet. If only the toilets in Malaysia are half as clean…

By the end of the day, they were too tired to have dinner so I went to a Chinese takeaway shop and bought some rice, vegetables, sweet & sour pork and fish.

Arc de Triomphe

Eifel Towel…at the bottom.>__<

Crepe stall along Champ Elysee

Hotdog for dad, and a banana crepe for me

Om nom nom nom…

If you’re planning to visit Paris, NEVER go there on a Sunday. 70% of the shops are closed on that day, so you would end up wasting time. We wasted a day because of that.

I didn’t enjoy the ridiculously expensive dinner at Chez Ly, so dad took me for moules at Leon de Bruxelles. A big pot of mussels with unlimited fries cost slightly less than €20, and I was a happy girl again.

On our last day in Paris, they shopped at Galleries Lafayette for about 4 hours before having lunch at Cafe Opera, not too far away from the shopping centre.

I didn’t like my salmon quiche, it was terribly fishy and bland. The apple tart with sour cream was decent – nothing worth trying. Service was dreadful.

Just before we went to the airport, I bought myself a couple of macarons from a cute little shop near St Augustin. The lemon flavour (green) was the nicest. I know I know, I was in Paris and I didn’t try the famous French macarons from Laduree. *pouts*

Our flight was at 8.30pm but my dad wanted to get to the airport at 6.30pm (I have no idea why since we already checked in online). We checked in our bags and went for a quick bite only to find out our flight was delayed.

It was initially a 2-hour delay. But our flight ended up being delayed for 6 hours. We flew back to Luton at 2.30am. To make the situation worse, they shut down the air-conditioning so the place was stuffy. The airport securities were rude and uncultured.

Charles de Gaulle really is THE WORST airport in the world if you ask me!

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