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Every now and then, rif and I like to throw small dinners to catch up with our friends. Since we haven’t seen our best friends for quite some time (since they were all so busy with work) and we had a long Raya weekend, we thought, “Hey, let’s have a get together!”
He decided to make pork burgers using a grill, instead of a BBQ pit. We got the patties from a deli in Hartamas, and added Swiss brown mushrooms, cheddar cheese and sauteed onions on the burgers.

Swiss brown mushrooms

Here’s rif grilling the sausages. We had cheese and Italian sausages from Ayamas, and pork sausages from the pork deli section at Cold Storage. I prepared the guacamole, and sliced my pinky finger in the tomato-cutting process. o_0 Don’t worry, I didn’t contaminate the guacamole! The mash potatoes was prepared according to rif’s recipe. If it were up to me, I’d put it a whole slab of butter and half a box of full cream milk. But he wanted to use sauteed garlic bits and a little bit of mayo. Since I got my way the last time, I compromised. =_=



My plate

Cross section of my burger

rif’s plate — he slathered mayo and guacamole on his burger.


Our best friends

We liked the burgers — I’m definitely buying more pork patties to grill next time! We’re also thinking of investing in a bigger grill, so we can grill more things at once. ;)

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