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August 31, 2010

Weekend Getaway in PD

I’m not an outdoor person, so asking me to go on a camping trip is like asking a stingy boss for a pay-rise. The answer is most likely “NO”. rif likes the outdoor, but unfortunately for him, he’s on his own when it comes to hiking or trekking.

However, we both enjoy going for getaway weekends, and would always try to squeeze one in at least once in two months. One of our regular getaway places is his family’s apartment in PD. We went there recently, and invited Tgin and Abby along.

Prepping the grill

Tgin prepared the shisha

Abby helped heat up the soup

I washed the dishes (candid shot by Abby)

rif made lamb chops for dinner – he marinated the lamb overnight and paired it with chicken wings (also marinated overnight), sausages, mushroom soup (can version) and mashed potatoes. The only thing I had to prepare was the mashed potatoes, since he loves to do the cooking.

Abby, Tgin & rif

Lamb chop


I don’t know what seasoning he used for the lamb, so you’ll have to ask him for it. We opened a bottle of port to go with dinner, but I found it too sweet. I gave the rest of the bottle to my brother.

Group pic

When is our next getaway, rif? Can we go to Penang this time? *pretty please*


6 Responses

  1. UnkaLeong

    Loads of long weekends in September. That's if you can take a day of to link up the days 😉

  2. iamthewitch

    Wow that's a GORGEOUS slab of lamb!!! I'm drooling already by the looks of it! LOL!

  3. vialentino

    nice getaway at pd…love taylors wine…good pick!

  4. Tgin

    Btw, I just found out that my cousin in England follows your blog. He saw my picture on this post, and messaged me to ask about my relationship with you. It's annoyingly funny how small the world is.

  5. Bangsar-bAbE

    Tgin – Indeed!

    vialentino – Thanks!

    iamthewitch – It was yummy. We got the lamb chops from this frozen food mart. Thick cuts and very little fat. 😉

    Unka – Don't think rif can take leave de. He used up most of it liao… 🙁

  6. Simon Seow

    I miss Tgin's sisha lol

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