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“Hello?” I muffled (I always sleep in on Sundays).

“Wake up! Go read The Star page 8!!” rif said.

I dragged myself downstairs, flipped the papers to page 8 and saw THIS. rif then texted me, saying it’s a good opportunity to get a new camera, since a trade-in was allowed. So I traded in my old Canon Ixus 500 which my mum was using and got myself a Digital Ixus 200IS. While filling out my particulars, I could help but laugh at the lady next to me. She bought a Canon Legria HF R16.

Salesgirl hands over the thumbdrive (that comes with the camcorder) to the lady.

Lady: What is this?!

Salesgirl: This is a thumbdrive m’am.

Lady: Huh? What is a thumbdrive?

Salesgirl: *+_+* Errr…it’s something you use to save your videos, images and datas.

Lady: Ohhh….how to use ah?

Salesgirl: *o_0* You load the data you want to store into the thumbdrive and transfer it into the computer.

Lady: How to put it into the computer?

rif let out a little snort (naughty boy). I tried to concentrate on filling in my particulars. But I was quietly laughing.

Salesgirl: *takes a laptop and demos it for the lady*

Lady: Ahhh….ok. Now I know!
The whole thing was hilarious. Even the sales guy who was attending to me started laughing. I hope she knows how to use the Legria HF R16. It looks pretty complicated…for someone who doesn’t know what a thumbdrive is!