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Food Vlog: Burger Bobby, Taman Lembah Keramat

Welcome to my second food vlog, featuring Burger Bobby. Based on some of the comments I received from my first food vlog, I tried implementing some of them in this vlog. Also, I used a compact camera to shoot the scenes (I don’t own a video camera) for this video. Enjoy!

For those who wants to read my blog post on Burger Bobby, click HERE.

You can also read A Hamburger Today, where my blog was featured.

Lastly, do subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE.

Thanks for watching!

21 Responses

  1. t.a.c.a

    uwaaa… i'm fasting today… and the images of u chomping away the burger really makes me drool~~

    i want some i want some~

  2. .rif.

    just a mental note, i did not bring here eat ramli burger on our first date!!! haha…

  3. Meng

    Very nice video. Your Malay is flawless and so is your appetite. Eating 2 burgers in one nite and be able to stay thin is incredible. Looking forward to more videos.

  4. choi yen

    Interested to the lamb burger~~ So special, got sauteed onion 🙂

  5. chuan.lee

    gooosh…u really finished up the 2 messy-giant burgggerrs..! fantastixx

  6. iamthewitch

    How did you stay in shape chomping down 2 massive burgers!!! LOL!

  7. Bangsar-bAbE

    iamthewitch & chuan.lee – I didn't eat them all. rif helped me. =)

    choi yen – You should try. It's good!

    Meng – Thanks! Good to know that 11 years in a government school actually paid off. 😉

    I had help with the burger from rif. But of course, I didn't show it on video la. LOL

    rif – But you DID bring me for a lot of Ramly burgers during the early days!

    t.a.c.a – Go get some for buka puasa! =D

  8. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    thats ALOT of pepper!! the vid looks good, of course unless u get a vid camera, you better avoid dark places bcos clarity is not superb but good job on the edit!

  9. Pearl Kaz

    i've been here 2 times, that is after reading your blog. the burger is one of the best. will come back for more. wheee!~ 🙂

  10. foodbin

    awfully sinful and messy.

  11. Blur.

    Yea you're right. Burgers are definitely not for first dates. Esp burgers of this size. >< Anyway you've done a great job! Nice video.!

  12. Ken Jun

    OMG! U make me crave for burger so badly now. It's bad to see your Vlog when in a hungry state, just like now..

    Btw, your Vlog did improved in term of being more descriptive and the closer up to the food compared to your first attempt on the Robert CKT!

    Keep them coming ya~!

  13. farah

    i couldn't find the stall!!!!

  14. Nor Ramli

    Sue Lyn & Rif,
    I makan 2 kali d after read your prev. entry. Hmmmm, thanks for the intro. After baca ur prev. entry, we went there straight away,hehehe.. anyway, I trust your tastebud. :))

    p.s*never dare to try burger at the stall before after my first time and tak sedappppp* but this one, thumbs up!

  15. Orion

    Nice video.

    I figured you've had help finishing the 2 burgers. I was once someone's boy friend and usually end up being DBKL and "sapu" what's left. Hey, someone's got to take out the trash rite?

    As for the burgers – I will have to abstain, oil soaked stuff like that can kill me.

  16. Bangsar-bAbE

    Orion – Thanks! Hahaha…I guess it happens to most guys.

    Re the burgers, having a treat every once in while can't be that bad, right? 😉

    Nor Ramli – Glad you liked it!

    farah – Got GPS and google maps. If you still can't find the way, call Bob.

    Ken Jun – Thanks!

    Blur – But I think it's quite fun to eat it on first dates, no? =P

    foodbin – Go try!

    Pearl – Awesome!

    Joe – Thanks! Can't do much about the dark surroundings. But I'll probably do more videos in brightly lit places. 😉

  17. elaine-mia

    Gawd! So tempting N I'm hungry at this odd hour alr! Gotta try it someday.

    Nor, u knw the plc? Awww, bring me thr on my nxt trip plsss…=/

  18. Horlic

    omg! i was thinking you finished the both MESSSSSSSY burgers!!! .. phew..

  19. muhammad syahir

    burger bob stall near to my house……

  20. Loo Chee Kwan

    indeed your recommendation is damn right. Bob’s burger is awesomely good. i had 2 lamb tiesto that night and was very full after that. infact i was quite reluctant to drive back to PJ after walloping 2 burgers. my next destination will be OM Burger hehe. keep up the good work.

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Thanks Chee Kwan.

      Note that OM burger is quite oily ya….so don’t be shocked! 😉

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