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Just got home from my trip yesterday evening. I visited London, Paris, Luton, Nottingham and London again, before coming back to KL.

My parents were more keen on shopping than sightseeing, so they spent most of their time strolling along Champs Elysee in Paris and Oxford Street in London. +_+ Good thing I saw most of Paris with rif, when we went around Europe in late 2007. Else, I would be pretty upset.

I ate a lot, which explains why I cannot fit into my jeans now! My parents and brother insisted on having Chinese food all the time — no fun at all.

Steamed mussels

Good thing I had my way every now and then. So I got to try a bit of French food — mussels at Léon de Bruxelles, crepes, pastries, macarons, pate and steak frites at Brasserie de La Pepiniere.

Desserts at Cafe Opera

Brasserie de La Pepiniere

We also went to Bicester Village, for designer goods at affordable prices. It’s about an hour from London, via train. A lot cheaper than retail prices, but still NOT cheap. This pair of Ferragamo heels cost £200 after 60% discount.

So expensive :(

I’ll be blogging about my trip and the food I ate, once I get over this jet lag. Which will be real soon!

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