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Events are places where you meet new people, catch up with old acquaintances and often but true, hear people gloat about their ‘high life’. I love wearing nice dresses and going for such events (what’s not to like when drinks are free flow), but after a few too many drinks, some people end up talking about how much they make, and how much they usually spend on dinner, or how ‘affordable’ their RM7,000 Hervé Léger dress is. *roll eyes*

Whenever I hear such remarks, I’d just down my drink and excuse myself to the bar for another one. I don’t have RM7,000 to spare for an Hervé Léger Bodycon dress. And neither do I have spare cash lying around for an extravagant dinner every week comprising wagyu, foie gras, truffles and lobster bisque. But what I do have a loving boyfriend whose parents seem quite fond of me. At least fond enough to want to feed me as often as they can. rif’s mother recently went to Melbourne for a holiday, and bought back 13 pieces of waygu grade 7 (200gms each). I was lucky enough to get some last weekend, at a dinner party held at his sister’s place. Each piece was cooked as it was — on a grill, with no oil and no seasoning. Once done, the wagyu was left to stand for 2-3 minutes before some salt and pepper is sprinkled on top. I like my beef slightly rare, hence the reddish centre. If you prefer your meat more done, just leave it on the grill for an extra minute, or two.
The beef is swirled with thin veins of fat, that when cooked properly, actually melts in the mouth. It was oozing with flavour with a texture as tender as tuna belly – buttery, yet not overwhelmingly rich. I didn’t need to use a steak knife to cut this – a butter knife did the job. It was THAT tender.

Lamb chop with garden salad and potato salad

We also had lamb chops, seasoned with only rosemary and grilled the same way as the wagyu. It was also quite good. Meaty, with soft, chewy fat, the lamb was good stuff; but sadly outshone by the luscious beef. We had our meats with a simple garden salad with lemon dressing, potato salad and garlic bread.

I had one and a half pieces of wagyu. *gasp* Told you his parents feed me well! =)

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