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I was recently invited to the grand opening of Chillex Cafe in Puchong. Without a GPS, I’m hopeless with directions – I took a wrong turning and ended up in god-knows-which-part-of-Puchong.

After going round and round for an hour, and wailing to rif on the phone, he managed to calm me down and point me to the right direction. He’s my walking GPS! I walked into Chillex and was greeted by these:


This was a massive burger. Like “there’s-no-way-anyone-can-fit-this-whole-damn-thing-into-their-mouth” massive, unless you want to choke trying. I suspect the patty was 2-inch thick! And there were two patties. So that’s 4 inches of patty for you. Since it was their opening night, I need to pay them another visit to judge the food when it’s fresh out of the kitchen. It’s not that the burger wasn’t good that night; it was decent. But I just know it would taste much better hot.


I suspect the bloggers there are hungry ghosts. I turn my back around for just 30 seconds, and there’s none left for me. And I thought I was the fast eater! Interesting dish, especially with the egg as a dipping sauce.


Again, hungry ghosts + food = empty plate. I stole a nibble from Becks, but it wasn’t enough to make my conclusion. But I wonder who can fit such a huge hotdog into their mouth. Show me, and I’ll pay for your meal at Chillex!


Another case of now you see it, now you don’t. The pizza looked promising, but by the time I got to the plate, the only thing left was an onion ring.


Since I didn’t get to try everything, I’m planning another visit there. But the sole purpose of this next visit is to EAT A WHOLE MASSIVE CHILLEX BURGER IN 20 MINUTES. Don’t believe I can?

Come watch me fight for my free meal! Yes, if I finish this burger in 20 minutes, I get it for free. So how now? Want to watch or not? =P

2-G-2, Menara 2 @ PFCC,
Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri
Puchong, 47100, Petaling Jaya.

Website: www.chillex.my

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