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Since I’m turning A QUARTER OF A CENTURY soon, I decided to do this meme, so you can get to know me a little bit better!

1) When I tilt my head at a ¾ angle, my other eye looks smaller. I’ve yet to master the skill of smiling evenly.

2) I always want the biggest slice of pizza. I get secretly annoyed when someone takes the bigger slice.

Myself, rif and Tgin

3) I’ve known my guy best friend Tgin for 18 years. We were classmates in Primary One. He broke my second front tooth (milk tooth) when we fought. Luckily, I grew a pretty nice set of teeth.

4) Tgin gave me my nickname, Susu lion (I have no idea why), which stuck with me until primary six.

5) I was (and still am) very competitive as a student. I wanted to be number one all the time. And I’d go all out just to make sure I do. These days, I still have these traits, but it’s been tremendously toned down, with the help of rif and my best friends.

Buy for me, pretty please? =)

6) Like many girls, I want to know what it feels like to wear a tiara. This is one of the key drivers for me joining pageants. Since I didn’t win, I guess I have to go to Sinma to buy one for myself. Or you could be a darling and buy it for me. It’s only RM69.90. Better still, buy me the tiara from Chameleon that cost RM169.90.

7) I have a very defensive nature, which I reckon stems from being independent at a young age. My parents wanted me to do things on my own, which I did. But I also became more aggressive and defensive.

8) Before my morning coffee, I tend to be cranky and snappy.

9) My room and workspace is an organised clutter. I don’t like people rearranging my things.

10) I don’t work well with fickle minded people. Ask my former creative director.

11) I learnt a great deal of things from my boss David Fernandez. He taught me never to accept mediocrity. He is also the nicest person I’ve worked for, albeit (sometimes) a tad condescending.



The culprit!

12) My lightest weight is 41kgs, 4 years ago. Today, I’m 45kgs. My recent medical check up revealed that I have high cholesterol (slightly!), despite my BMI of 16.5. I suspect it’s the amount of char siew I consume.

13) Despite some compliments and my achievements, I still don’t think I’m beautiful. But I’m happy with how I look.

14) When I was 22, I told myself I’d quit my job and join an airlines company when I’m 25. I’m turning 25, but I don’t think I want to take this plunge anymore. I don’t have the patience for dimwit passengers.

15) I’m jealous of rif, because my mum and grandmother loves him. He always gets my favourite part of the chicken and the biggest slice of pizza (refer to No.2).

16) I started riding the motorbike when I was 14. My dad taught me in Sitiawan. I’d drive around without a helmet, sometimes going up to Gear 4. When my brother was older (he was 14, I was 17), we’d ride motorbikes together. That dimwit got caught by policemen, but I escaped and told my dad. An hour later, my dad picked him up from the police station.

17) I’m a bargain hunter — I don’t believe in paying so much money for clothes. My more expensive dresses, jewellery, shoes and bags are gifts from rif and friends. I buy most of my clothes from Bangkok and online shops.

18) I hate shopping at shopping malls. I can’t stand taking off and putting on clothes. Usually, I’m the one sitting on the sofa waiting for rif, Shum and Jeen to try on clothes.

19) The combination of beer, fries with mayo and bratwurst makes me fart…like seriously!

This was me…before I got drunk. ~_~

20) I’m a horrible drunk. FBB’s alcohol parties always finish me off.

21) rif used to be ONE HEAD SHORTER than me back in high school. I have no idea what he ate to be 6 feet tall.

22) 90% of my friends are guys. I am very straightforward, which is why a lot girls cannot get along with me. Unless they think like me.

Miss Universe 1988 — Norway

Miss Universe 1996 — Venezuela

23) When I was young, my dad would video tape Miss Universe from 1988 until 1996 and I’d watch them with him. You could say my tiara dream (refer to no.6) started then.

24) I hate pick up lines, especially when guys don’t know how to use them.

25) I can’t use squat toilets properly, especially when I’m in heels. And when I’m slightly tipsy, a squat toilet is a big NO NO.