Home Wasted Friendship

So-called-friend to me: Eh, what happened to the top 3 winners? Were the judges blind?

So-called-friend to one of the Top 3 winners: Congrats! I knew you would make it. Always thought you were great! I supported you all the way.

Hello…doink! She is also on my Facebook. And I can see your two-faced comments on her wall. Use your brains la. And if you know who you are, DON’T call me for beer anymore.

Who needs friends like that, when you have friends like these people below? rif, Christy and Claudia, thanks so much for being there with me all the way. You all knew the shit I had to put up with and I’m so glad I had you guys to help me through. KC and Chu Chu, thanks for coming to the after party. It was great seeing you both! *hugs*

Big-hearted Christy. No wonder everyone loves her! I love her too. ;)

Super Sexy Claudia!

So many guys tried to hit on her during the after party, including this guy whose GF we all cannot stand! *smirks*

KC, Chu Chu, rif and I