Home Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 – Day 2
White tank top from Mell Basics

The second day of pageant started with breakfast at 7am. For us who arrived earlier, Andrea briefed us on what we should and should not eat. Basically, we were encouraged to eat food with less salt, less oil, and more fibre.

Smoked salmon has a higher salt content, so we were advised to avoid it to prevent water retention. I already had them on my plate before Andrea told me that. The salmon was terribly fishy. I popped one in my mouth, and had to spit it out almost immediately. O_0

Blogging whenever I can! =)

After breakfast, we had a Go Green For Life activity at Bosphorus in Pavilion KL. Lunch was courtesy of Bosphorus, and it is a Turkish Fine Dining restaurant. Since Tracy, Jasmine and I were the three early birds at breakfast, Andrea treated us to a shopping session at Mercato. Before that, we made a pit stop at The Carat Club where we were allowed HALF a glass of wine.

At Mercato, Andrea got us body shower, face mask, high fibre crackers, cherry tomatoes, hair treatment, raisins…good stuff. Thanks Andrea!

Dinner was chicken rice. Not my favourite, but I shouldn’t complain. =) We had a makeup 101 from Andrea after dinner, which I will blog about as soon as I load pictures.