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Some of you may have heard or read about my participation in this year’s Miss Universe Malaysia. It’s true. While the last pageant was difficult to overcome, I’ve decided to try again. rif, being the ever supporting boyfriend persuaded me to join, one last time. I thought about it long and hard, before I decided to take this plunge. So here I am, one of the Top 18 finalists in the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 pageant. Pageant week commences this Saturday, 1st May and the grand finale is on 15th May. Since I now have an iPhone, I’ll be blogging as and when I can throughout pageant week. Do vote me this time around, IF there is a voting system. Will update you guys on that.

I owe it to you all (blog readers, friends and family) when I won my subsidiary title last year. TQTQ!

Support me this round too, okay? *puppy eyes*

Here are some photos from the pageant:


I know I look scary, but the theme was “FIERCE”. I was supposed to look like an assassin, hence the hairstyle and the fierce make-up. Even rif couldn’t recognise me. I had a biker’s glove on the left hand, chunky black and gold necklace and cuffed heels (courtesy of Parkson). That’s a white shirt I had on my right hand. And yes, I was asked to pull my hair. Pictures behind the scene — they changed my accessories. Removed the biker’s glove, changed the chunky necklace and gave me a white cuff bracelet instead. The studded heels were my own. Actually, they were my sister’s. I “pau” her shoes all the time. LOL.


My gown was from Melinda Looi Couture. It was long (with a train), flowy and elegant, with a “body armour” inside. I needed two people to help me into the dress and despite how delicate it looked, it was quite heavy. The lime green colour suited my skin tone and I felt so elegant and princess-like just wearing it. *grins*There were two mega huge fans blowing at me during the shoot for better effects, and an assistant holding my train behind. I think they photoshop-ed him out. The ring and earrings I had on, were from Elegance Club. Super-expensive-can-die! The ring was RM60K plus, and the earrings were RM70K plus, if I’m not mistaken. rif’s balls shrank when I told him how much they cost.

The make-up made me look very “Lucy Liu”, Tgin and Jeen said. Mum thought I looked like a Chinese empress. “Why your eyes so sepet one?” she asked. =_=

The theme was Hollywood Glam, and we were dressed the way women did in the 50’s…the Monroe era. Just my personal thoughts: I think I’m more Jackie than Monroe. I was briefed to “smile with my eyes” only. I thought the final outcome looked like a slight smirk…and I looked like I was squinting. Not enough dark make up around the eye area, I reckon. Not my favourite look, but it is different and it does look Hollywood Glam. That hair took one hour, 3 shampoo sessions and 1/3 a bottle of conditioner to undo. And I found 20 plus bobby pins stuck in there. But all in all, it was great fun.

Jackie…possibly. ;)

Monroe? Maybe not.


We were asked to wear “SMART CASUAL”, and dark jeans were allowed. No hemlines above the knees, so we were told. I wore dark blue skinny jeans, white shirt and a grey vest with gold heels. The only accessories I had on were a bangle, hoop earrings and my black Guess watch. Smart casual mar….I didn’t want to walk in looking like a Christmas tree! =PThis time around, my sash had MY NAME on it. Previously, my sashes only had my contestant number. And my title. But this time got my name yo!!

Wish me luck when I check into
The Royale Chulan this Saturday!

Sue Lynn