Home Shit Happens…

I read about this many times in the papers and heard scary stories from people who were victims. Mum was worried, as I work late quite often. I assured her it would be fine. I didn’t expect to fall victim to this, especially when I wasn’t alone. There I was at Al-Safa, after a shisha session with friends. Was talking to Jeen for a bit when it happened. rif was at the mamak, paying the bill. This dark, skinny Malay/Indon guy lunged at me, and pulled my handbag from my right shoulder. The impact caused me to fall on my hips, and I hit my head on the pavement. It happened so fast, and I hadn’t let go of my bag. I was dragged a little bit, before I finally let go.rif who was a 100 meters away saw it happen, and ran after the guy, who escaped with his accomplice on a white motorcycle. My friend gave a chase, but they sped off so fast, it was pointless. At that time, all I could do was cry. My things. They were all precious to me. rif bought them. My wallet was a birthday gift, the camera was a Christmas present and the bag was a gift when we were holidaying in Italy.

And my phone, with all my contacts, 2 thumb drives with very important work and data, my ipod, and notes. I had about RM200 cash, plus 60 sterling pounds in there. Plus my ATM cards, credit card, my discount vouchers, my discount cards, my membership card….ARGHH!! I felt a blunt pain on my right hip where I fell, a sore bump on my head where it hit the pavement and a stinging pain where the skin on my shoulder used to be. Just when I thought my week couldn’t get any more shitty, this happened. I sat there, inconsolable for half an hour. rif and our friends took me to the Damansara Utama police station to make a report, and he took me to UH after that to get an x-ray and my wounds tended to.

Good thing he had the car keys that night. He usually asks me to keep the car keys in my bag. Couldn’t sleep the whole night, even though I was exhausted. Images of what happened kept flashing through my head. rif took care of me till morning, and my mum came in to check if I’m alright. Both my arms hurt because the left shoulder got scraped and the right shoulder was bruised from the pulling.

Apart from losing my favourite things, minor injuries and trauma, I’m pretty much alright. Do bear with me for the next few days, and I’ll be back with more food reviews.