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Asam Pedas Cafe & Restaurant, Setiawangsa

As a student, I was always a rebel. I gave teachers and prefects headaches, by breaking many rules. I never liked CK throughout his years of being a prefect, and he didn’t like me because I made life difficult for him.

When he retired from the prefectorial board, we became good friends. One of the things we liked doing together was taking the LRT to Gombak from the Bangsar Station, and then to Taman Jaya for a snack at A&W. Sadly, we grew apart, and the only conversations we have these days are “hi & bye.”I had an appointment in Setiawangsa, and felt like taking the LRT there. Of course, rif tagged along to make sure I got home in one piece. We walked past Asam Pedas on the way back to the station, and me being me, I wanted to eat.
Since they claimed to serve authentic Malacca Asam Pedas, it made sense to try the asam pedas rice set. For RM7.80, you get a plate of rice, half a salted egg and a bowl of asam pedas. You get a choice of stingray, Spanish Mackeral or beef. I had the stingray.I thought the gravy could have been thicker, spicier and more sour. rif agreed with me. Portion was slightly on the small side too. The cincaluk was salty, pungent and stinky, in a delicious way. I also liked the sambal belacan, which packed a whole lot of punch. I helped myself to two servings of each. The baba-nyonya fried rice (RM7.80) was nothing to shout about. It looked rather plain, and I wasn’t impressed by the way it tasted. The fried chicken was however, quite good. Juicy, tender and flavourful from the spices, I was tempted to order one for myself. Daging Goreng Kunyit (RM6.80 – small) gave my jaw a good workout. Not that it needed one, since I’m constantly eating. This was done dry-style, but I’m accustomed to the wetter version. I should have ordered the ayam paprik instead, as I like my dishes with plenty of gravy.Malacca Coffee (RM3.30) was cloyingly sweet, and I couldn’t finish more than half a cup. Unless you want a fast and easy way to getting diabetes, I suggest you skip this, or ask for “kurang, kurang, kurang manis!”

Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 5/10 (halal)
Verdict: The food was average, but the cincaluk and sambal belacan rocks.

6, Jelatek Business Park,
Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur.
03 42527279, 03 42527280


5 Responses

  1. backStreetGluttons

    We will love this kind of place and food, definitely a complete tasty meal ! We have a soft spot for classy Malay dishes, and their sour hot sambals. We are now thebaDderMen

  2. J2Kfm

    I vaguely remember this place, but not in Setiawangsa. Maybe a branch somewhere else?

  3. iamthewitch

    I'm attracted to the fried chicken, and the sambal! Good to know it's walking distance to the LRT too…

  4. Bangsar-bAbE

    iamthewitch – Hehehe…take an LRT trip there!

    J2Kfm – Hmmm…I think they have a branch in Malacca. But I'm not entirely sure.

    BSG – Then go indulge in their kick ass sambal!

  5. Nabil Gordon

    you should try strawberry cafe in front of MBPJ buliding,tq!

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