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I am a coffee-to-wake-up person, and drink an average of 3 cups of coffee daily. Without my morning fix, I am literally incapable of functioning at work. I blame this on Shum, who got me hooked on brewed coffee ever since we shared a room at work together. rif spotted dr.CAFE when he was there on a job, and took me there for our coffee session last weekend. Photography is not allowed. I wasn’t aware of the ‘no photograph’ sign, and managed to take a few photos before the staff told me I couldn’t. They are currently having a promo — RM5 off selected coffee sets. My set consisted of a jumbo cappuccino (RM11) and a slice of crispy cheesecake (RM12), which amounted to RM19 after discount. rif went for a tall Sumatran brew (RM6.50). His coffee was quite good. Bittersweet and aromatic, it was smooth and pleasant to drink. A good cappuccino must have a ring of foam on the side of the cup known as crema. It must be perfectly balanced — full bodied with hints of sweetness and creaminess from steamed milk. I hate it when my cappuccino comes with a dusting of cocoa powder or worst, cinnamon powder.

You call this a cappuccino?

When I saw the barista’s uncertain look when frothing the milk, I had an inkling the cappuccino wouldn’t be good. True enough, it wasn’t. He foamed the milk until it was hellishly frothy. My cappuccino was served in a paper cup with a plastic lid — I DID NOT ask for a takeaway. It should come in a warmed ceramic cup. I checked with Tgin, and he was surprised as the cappuccino he ordered (on a separate visit) came in a ceramic cup, with crema. Bad QC.
On its own, the cheesecake (RM12) was run of the mill, but it went very well with coffee. It was an interesting combination of biscuit base, layered with a sheet of puff pastry, cheese filling and topped with pastry flakes.
Despite the lousy cappuccino, everything else was alright. I liked the ambiance — very conducive for long chats. rif and I sat at a cosy corner and chatted away till it was dinner time. Prices are about the same as other coffee places. However, their claim “The Ultimate Coffee Experience” wasn’t quite so for me. I would come here again, but not for the cappuccino.

Ambiance: 7.5/10
Price: 6/10
Cappuccino: 2/10
Daily brew: 6.5/10
Cake: 5.5/10
Verdict: The coffee isn’t great, but it is better than the usual coffee chains I frequent.

dr.CAFE Coffee
Solaris Mon’t Kiara
Kuala Lumpur

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