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I normally prepare my blog posts in advance, doing a few drafts per post before being satisfied with the final one and clicking the “publish post” button. I like being organised, and I need some sort of structure in my life, else I”ll go haywire. Despite telling people how I like being spontaneous (it is true, I love spontaneity), I’m rather anal when it comes to writing.

That said, I’m not perfect. I DO make spelling mistakes, and sometimes grammar mistakes too. Yes, I am a copywriter. I craft copy, and I check every single writing material for typo and grammar errors. But I’m no robot. I wish I have the function “spell check” installed in my brains, but sadly, I don’t.

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Lately, I’ve been so busy, it’s not even funny. It”s getting harder for me to juggle with my full time job, blog, write columns, attend pageant-related events, do food reviews and spend time with my friends. I don’t want to be sidelined in the food-blogging community, and neither do I want to lose out on social networking (which includes doing pageant-related events). Right now, I feel like I’m drifting away from the food bloggers, because when I see them, I’m so preoccupied with other things that I fail to mingle properly with them. To those who feel offended, I apologise.

As for my columns, I enjoy writing them and I love it when people email me telling me they love my work. This is why I put a lot of effort in my writing — I”m not saying I”m a good writer; I”m saying I try hard when it comes to writing. I get the thrills when I see MY NAME in the byline. At least it shows I’m not just some pretty face — I have a brain, and it’s working. I make sure I write proper blog posts, rather than plonk in a lot of pictures with descriptions taken from the food menu. Why bother reading such posts? You might as well go to the restaurant and read the menu.

This week is especially crazy for me. Food reviews, events, modelling assignment, deadlines at work, new columns to write and of course, rif’s birthday. I’ve been neglecting the poor guy, since the pageant ended. I was greedy and wanted to do everything at once instead of prioritising. It is time I learn to make choices. I”ve decided to take some time off (or slowing down a bit) from food blogging and reorganise my life. I am also going to spend more quality time with rif, and less time trying to please everyone else.

rif, I’m sorry for neglecting you, and thank you for being so patient and understanding. I feel awful and wrecked with guilt, putting you through all this nonsense. Let me buy you a nice big dinner, okay? =)

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