Home F-Cup Cookie and a slightly battered self esteem.

I was at Sasa Mid Valley last weekend when a salesgirl approached me and said something shocking (and slightly insulting). It went like this…

Salesgirl to B-Babe: Miss ah…you want try this F-cup cookie? Can make your breasts become bigger. More better.B-Babe to Salesgirl: Errr…no thanks! I don’t need it. (She had to say it in front of rif…and he laughed!!! GrrRrr…)

Salesgirl to B-Babe: (probably thinking I really need those cookies) But it will make you look more beautiful. Girls with cleavage more sexier. Guys like to see “longkang”.

o_0 Longkang??!?! Unless I’m going for this, I don’t think I need to inflate my chest to look as though I have half of Pamela Anderson’s breasts.

And if I remember correctly, a box (14 cookies) costs RM168. And you supposed to eat 2 cookies a day, so that’s RM168 a week…and RM672 per month! Think of all the yummy food I can eat with RM 672!

B-Babe to salesgirl: No thanks. I’ll stick to bra paddings.
They also have the F-cup tea version and chocolate flavoured F-cup cookies. What is it with Japan and their weird creations??