Home Food Reviews Black Forest Cake by Fatboybakes

It was dad’s birthday and mum asked if we could order Fatboybakes’ Black Forest Cake for him. I quickly SMS-ed FBB and our conversation went like this:

Bangsar-bAbE: My mum saw my post on your lunch party, and she wants your Black Forest Cake for my dad’s birthday. Can?

FBB: Black Forest? Booze? Ya can…

Bangsar-bAbE: Yes & YES!! I collect this Sunday ya…

*Black Forest Cake is also known as Black Forest gateau (in UK).

The cake was a big hit with my family. Imagine…there were only 6 of us, and NO leftovers. My two sisters walloped the rest of the cake, leaving me with only a slice which I saved for Shum. The cake was booze-y…like all his other creations. A good thing, especially for alcoholics like me. Rich, liquored pure cream and whole black cherries were sandwiched between two layers of light chocolate sponge, and topped with a smooth chocolate ganache. Divine! You can order FBB’s cakes, pies, scones & etc here. So far, I’ve tried his Brandy Truffle Cake, Mango Cheesecake, Rum & Raisin Pie and Black Forest Cake. And I’m now lusting after his Spencer’s Four Seasons… *hint to rif*

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