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After The Burger Shop, I’ve decided to try a burger a week for the month of March. Last week, rif decided we would go all the way to Ampang for the ultimate, mind-blowing, OM Burger.The pakcik has been running this stall at the same spot in Ampang Jaya (in front of 7-11) for 24 years. The stall is older than me! @[email protected] He opens as early as 8pm till 5am daily. At 11.30pm, there were quite a few people waiting for their dose of greasy goodness. So I waited…for half an hour. Within that time, pakcik spoke to me about his burgers. He uses quality ingredients, especially the butter and mayonnaise. One of the key factors to making a damn good burger. He uses Kraft cheese for his burgers and makes an average of 250–300 burgers a day. For those who are curious, OM stands for uncle in Javanese – according to pakcik.Jeen was full from dinner, so she had a burger ayam. rif and I ate big – 2 Ayam Special and 1 Hotdog Special to share (for supper mind you!). Halfway waiting, more people came and ordered. Clearly, this is one highly sought after burger.My Ayam Special was deliciously sloppy. Greasy and oozing with juices, cheese, mayonnaise and chili sauce, I was in burger heaven. The hotdog was equally as good (pardon the bad picture, I took it in the midst of darkness). I had trouble taking a bite without everything smearing at the sides on my mouth, and nose! It’s best not to wear white. =P If you’re a Ramly burger fan, go try the OM Burger. I’ve been eating this for almost 6 years. And rif has been eating this way longer than I have – more than 10 years if I’m not mistaken!

Price: 8/10
Taste: 9/10
Verdict: By far THE BEST BURGER I’ve had.

Lorong Kolam Air Lama 1
Ampang, KL
(in front of 7-11)

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