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Four Seasons Restaurant, Bayswater

* Pardon the lack of duck pictures. These were taken long before I started a food blog.

Roast duck is one of my all-time favourite food. I simple love its fatty yet crispy skin and juicy, meaty flesh. The best roast duck I’ve had still has to be the one from Four Seasons, Bayswater. As a student, I got a 10% discount when I flash my student ID. =D
When rif went with me for my graduation ceremony, I took him to try the roast duck there. One thing I hate about Four Seasons is that they don’t take bookings, and the queue is often long.

Get past the door and you will see it is more chaotic inside than it is outside. I asked for one duck for the both of us. The waitress thought she heard wrongly. She asked if I wanted two plates of duck rice. I corrected her and insisted on ONE WHOLE DUCK, and she reluctantly complied thinking I must be nuts. If memory serves me well, a whole duck costs £21, excluding the 12.5% VAT. Kinga and Ron joined us that day. I was surprised neither of them has ever eaten roast duck before.The glistening duck has just the right amount of fat and the skin so perfectly crisped. rif agrees that this was by far the best roast duck we’ve had. I find the ducks in UK much fatter – maybe that’s why the skin is so crispy and full of flavour. The meat was very tender and flavourful, and what gives this duck an edge over competitors (such as Gold Mine) is the light sweet sauce. Their chilli oil dip was kick-ass too!

Kinga and Ron ordered a plate of duck rice (£6) each, but after eating the duck, Ron quickly ordered half a duck himself! Service is generally pretty crappy. They are much to busy running around the place to bother with a smile or check if you need more tea. Doesn’t bother me, as I’m just there for the duck! Just feeling nostalgic…I miss my flatmate! =(Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6/10 (slightly more expensive than the restaurants in Chinatown)
Food: 9/10
Verdict: The BEST roast duck I’ve had by far!

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*To get Bayswater, take the Tube and get off at either Queensway Station or Bayswater Station.

Four Seasons
84, Queensway,
W2 3RL

18 Responses

  1. Mei Shum

    Me want duckie too! Yum yum

  2. Bangsar-bAbE

    I told you go London…you dowan!! How?? =P

  3. Big Boys Oven

    I think the London one taste better compare to the one at capsquare!

  4. Bangsar-bAbE

    I agree! I think it has to do with the duck la…our ducks are aneroxic.

  5. kampungboycitygal

    awww this makes the one in cap square pale in comparison..such skinny ducks 🙁

  6. Bangsar-bAbE

    Ya lor…dunno how come they can't feed our ducks until fat! >(

  7. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    ohhh i miss this too…

  8. foodbin

    so lean-must be free range duck.

  9. Bangsar-bAbE

    joe – same here… =(

    foodbin – the meat is lean, but there’s a lot of fat under the skin. SHIOK!!

  10. Anonymous

    Yo, wanna ask you something about a magazine company in Malaysia, how do i contact you?


  11. backStreetGluttons

    Duck is still a prime delicacy in China ( Peking Duck, waxed duck 4eg )and to a certain extent in Malaysia ( hard to come by in restaurants tho those mobile roadside stalls are many, even Taman Mayang PJ/Kepong KL ) while we have always wondered how come no curry duck or steamed ducks can be found ? And probably not halal OMG
    LOL !

  12. Bangsar-bAbE

    yhtze – Email me at [email protected] =)

    bsg – I tried the duck from Taman Mayang before, but wasn’t too impressed.

    Curry duck?? I’ve never heard of it! Unless it’s roast duck curry ala Thai la…

  13. Adrian Tan

    Can’t agree more. The duck at four seasons is much better then most ducks in Malaysia, even the ones served in hotels/restaurants. However, did you know that the original chef at the four seasons actually left that restaurant about 12 or 18 months ago and is now working his ‘magic’ with the ducks served up down the road in a place called the ‘gold mine’. Hence, whenever I see a 10 mile queue in front of four seasons, I have no qualms about adjourning to gold mine for some tasty duck.

  14. Bangsar-bAbE

    That I didn’t know! Does Gold Mine’s duck taste better than Four Seasons now?

  15. Anonymous

    Four Seasons aint that great now as before and I was told that they have opened a branch in Malaysia now.

  16. Bangsar-bAbE

    That’s disappointing to hear!

    Yeah, I tried the Malaysian branch when it first opened and still like the Bayswater (I last had it more than a year ago, so quality might have differed) one better! 😉

  17. Anonymous

    heh just found your Malaysian branch post :p Yeah they opened a new branch in Leicester Square where the main Chinatown street. And it costs a “bomb” to eat there. The last time I had dinner there we spent about 200 quid. The duck cost about 35-40 quid now.

  18. Bangsar-bAbE

    40 quid?!?! Holy crap!! That’s freaking expensive!! o_0

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