Home Food Reviews X’mas at rif’s

There was a BBQ dinner at rif’s place on Christmas Day. Since he makes really good lamb chops and sotong, he was in charge of preparing them. The rest of the food was prepared by his mum.The lamb was tender, juicy and done just right. I like my lamb to be a little pink in the centre, and rif knows it. ;) There were 2 chicken flavours – BBQ and curry. I liked the BBQ better. The sausages and squid balls were the supermarket variety. If only they were pork sausages… =D
I made the mash potatoes using 2.5kgs of Russet potatoes, 1/2 a slab of butter, milk and salt to taste. The chili sotong was really good. Tender squid rings coated in spicy, fragrant chili paste – rif’s secret recipe (he won’t even share it with me o_0). I was too busy stuffing my face hence I forgot to take a pic of his honey sotong, coleslaw and garlic bread. Sorry! =P

Camwhore a bit =P

For desserts, we had homemade triffle and banana chocolate cake from Secret Recipe.

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