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Shum, Phoebie and I decided to go for lunch at YHK Restaurant last Friday. The shop was full with patrons so we took it as a sign that the food is good. They offer a few interesting versions of yong tau foo such as stuffed four angled beans but I stuck to my usual stuffed brinjal, white tofu and a piece of weird looking fried tofu.I didn’t take much yong tau fu as the selection was quite limited. At RM 0.90 a piece, I found them very mediocre and tiny. While the fish paste had a nice texture and firm bite, I thought the sweet sauce was insipid and diluted. My tofu came in a bowl of soup which was quite tasty. I liked that they used preserved vegetables in the soup.The chee cheong fun (RM 2.50) was silky smooth and topped with fragrant fried shrimps. The curry gravy was quite thick and went well with the rice sheets. However, the portion was very small. So small that I finished it in four bites. 0_0 If you love chee cheong fun, you’re better off ordering the large serving (RM 5).All in, I thought lunch was expensive (for such tiny yong tau foo) and disappointing. Apart from the chee cheong fun, everything else was forgettable. Quoted from Shum, “Waste stomach space” and Phoebie, “This place is on my ‘ban’ list”. After lunch, Shum caught me snacking on biscuits in large quantity. :P

Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 5/10
Food: Chee Cheong Fun – 7/10, Yong Tau Fu – 5/10
Verdict: Tasty Chee Cheong Fun. Small, expensive and not so tasty Yong Tau Foo. Ah Keong at Uptown Hawker tastes much better.

No 31 Jalan SS21/56B
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

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