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I keep choosing lousy meals this past few days. Today was no exception. Since it was raining, we had to settle for something nearby. Secret Recipe is a few doors away so what the heck! Since they had the RM10 set lunch promo, we decided to give that a try. Phoebie had the Mushroom Chicken Chop and Shum chose the BBQ Chicken Chop. I went for the Black Pepper Chicken Chop.

The set comes with an ice lemon tea which was pretty good (quite “kau”). Unlike those cheapo watery ones some shops give.The chicken chops came with a side of rice and garden vegetables. My black pepper chicken was well…peppery. That was all I could taste and the gravy was watery. Phoebie’s mushroom chicken tasted very bland and gooey with 2 pieces of mushroom on top of the chicken. Shum’s BBQ chicken was the worst of the lot. The “special” BBQ gravy tasted like sweet and sour sauce…a very poor version of it.Lunch cost RM11.50 per person inclusive of tax and service charge. All in, the chicken chops were a far cry from the hawker versions. I won’t eat this again. This makes 3 awful lunch choices this week. Dammit…

Ambiance: 5/10 (had to sit outside)
Price: 6.5/10
Taste: 4/10

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