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*backdated post

Malcolm and I went to Marmalade café for desserts and some catching up (read: random bitching). Since I always order their Carrot Cake, I decided to try their Oreo Cheesecake for a change.The chocolate biscuit base was firm and crumbles in your mouth together with the soft, fluffy cheesecake. I liked that it’s not too sweet, as some cheesecakes can be really sweet and cloying.I enjoyed eating the biscuit base more while Malcolm liked the cheese part. However, I still like their carrot cake better.Malcolm’s Iced Honey Latte wasn’t very yummy. I think it’s because he improvised on his latte by adding more honey. (He’s always trying to play barista) 0_0

Service was awfully slow that night, and it wasn’t even a full house. They took ages to serve Malcolm’s latte. He only got it once we were done with the cake. Hopefully, this won’t happen again as I like coming here.

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