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Remember my post on Ah Wah Hokkien Mee not so long ago? Well…it’s no longer good. I went there last Friday only to discover that the food has greatly deteriorated. And no…it wasn’t a full house, only 5 tables (including ours) were occupied.

I ordered the Wat Tan Hor (Cantonese Fried Kuay Teow) and Hokkien Mee. The Wat Tan Hor tasted like a glob of starch. The noodles were stuck together and there was NO WOK HEI present. Sooooo slimy…eurghhh!

The Hokkien Mee tasted awful. The noodles were tasteless! Again, NO WOK HEI…and…(gasp) THEY FORGOT THE LARD!!! 0_0 When I asked them what happened to the lard, they said they forgot and gave me a small saucer of NOT CRUNCHY lard.

Very upsetting as they started off great. I don’t think I will go back there again. Have to look for some place else to get my Hokkien Mee fix. Any suggestions?

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