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After dinner, rif and I went to Suchan at BV2 for dessert. They were out of the Banana Torte, which I really wanted to try since rif said that it was pretty good. 0_0 We ordered the Tiramisu and replaced the Banana Torte with the Chocolate Paradise Cake.The Tiramisu was not bad. I like the crunchy bits on top of the cake. Didn’t taste any coffee liquor though. They probably used coffee mixture for the sponge cake. The generous amount of mascarpone cheese and chocolate chips made up for the lack of liquor. Not overly sweet with a hint of bitterness, the cake was nicely complemented with the strawberry sauce.The Chocolate Paradise Cake was a letdown. It was very, very dry. If it wasn’t for the chocolate icing, it would be completely inedible. Tasted like old bread…seriously. A shame really, as it looked really good at the display counter. I suspect it might have been sitting there for quite a bit…since it tasted “old”. Quoted from rif, “Shit…what cake is this?? Damn dry wei…!!” d=So, 1 hit 1 miss. Service was quite crappy. The waitresses didn’t pay attention to notice that we had no serviette and fork to eat our cakes. Desserts cost RM 22.75 after 5% tax and 10% service charge which rif insisted he foot the bill. Thanks dear…BURP!!

Ambiance: 7/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 5/10 (no thanks to the dry Chocolate Paradise)
Verdict: Decent cakes, good portions, affordable pricing. Try the Tiramisu and Banana Torte (according to rif).

Suchan Restaurant,
Bangsar Village 2
03-2287 1914

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