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l-r: Roy, Heather, Mei Shum & Sharon

My colleagues and I had our makan session after work last Friday at William’s, Taman Mayang. We reached William’s at 6.30pm and ordered like no tomorrow. Ok fine la…I ORDERED LIKE NO TOMORROW.

Shared a large Ribena Blended with Shum (RM 6)

Dan’s Jumbo Ice Lemon Tea (if I’m not mistaken it’s RM 5)

First to arrive was the Seafood Fried Rice (RM 30). It’s actually soft shell crab fried rice but William improvised for us and doubled the portion as well. Mike was late so we dug in first…promising to save all the shells for him later. :P The seafood rice was quite tasty. I didn’t realise William added slipper lobsters until the end of our meal. The soft shell crabs were deep fried and topped on the tom yam flavoured fried rice. Beneath the pile of rice were tiger prawns. Juicy and plump ones too!

Next was the lou shi fun with beef & sausage (RM20) and white sauce spaghetti with beef slices (RM 30). The lou shi fun came sprinkled with egg white (special ma) and was as tasty as it looked. Eaten with his kick-ass sambal belacan, it was SHIOK-NESS…
The white sauce spaghetti was a hit among all of us. I saw Heather’s eyes twinkle…(yes, twinkle) when the plate of spaghetti was placed on the table. Right or not Heather? :P Creamy and laden with plenty of beef slices, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms and topped with cheese, it was seriously good stuff.
The Triple-H (RM 5) followed soon after and was well-received by all, especially Angie. Shredded beef slices sandwiched between three slices of bread and wrapped with egg omelette, it was lip-smacking. We asked for another portion of this as there was not enough to go around.
The highlight of the day was the seafood platter (RM 40). I was so excited when William placed this on our table, especially when I saw the succulent mussels. We opted for the butterfish and had no regrets. Smooth and flaky, it was perfectly seasoned with herbs and topped with pesto-like sauce. The risotto, infused with cream sauce and lightly seasoned was lovely with the seafood we had.After finishing the food above, we decided we could handle more so I asked William for the Pasta Arrabiata with Beef (RM 40). William suggested that we add meatballs into the pasta and we gladly agreed. We thought this wasn’t that great a dish because it was too tomato-ey. Tasted almost like tomato sauce instead of pasta sauce. The sauce was over-powering so we couldn’t really taste the beef slices. The meatballs were really tough..as in “we can use it to play ping pong” tough. Strangely…Dan liked it. 0_0

I thought I ordered enough food for everyone but Roy and Mike seemed to think otherwise. One tried to eat me while the other was caught licking all the plates. To spare myself from being eaten by Mike, I begged William to give us more food. :P (No la…no such thing happened) The meal cost RM 198 for 9 of us so each of us forked out RM 22. Pretty reasonable for a good meal and great company…
Ambiance: 3/10
Price: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Verdict: Good food, HUGE portions and reasonable prices. Go try it for yourself.

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