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rif and I were in KLCC last weeked and had no idea where to eat. After giving it some thought, I decided on Manhattan Fish Market. Once seated, we asked the waiter how long would the food take to arrive as we were really hungry. Lucky for us, it took about 15 mins so we ordered the seafood platter for two.The platter is first flamed with a torch before serving. It consists of a dory fillet, calamari, button mushrooms (fried), 4 mussels, 4 decent-sized prawns, chips and garlic rice. The prawns were not very fresh but the creamy sauce on top made it less noticable.

Seafood Platter For Two (RM 42.90)

The fried calamari and mushrooms were quite nice although I wished they had given us more mushrooms. The fish was standard…how wrong can fried dory fillet go? Mussels were well…average. Having William’s seafood platter the night before made me more fussy. rif thinks the platter tasted good…but it’s not something he would eat all the time. He felt quite “jelak” towards the end of the meal. I agree with him. We find it quite pricey and the portion wasn’t substantial (looks like a big portion but the pan is actually quite shallow). Our bill came up to RM 52.67 (with one bottle of water) after tax and service charge. I hate that they charge RM 2.90 for water. 0_0

Ambiance: 5/10 (cramped seating)
Price: 5/10
Food: 6.5/10
Verdict: Not bad…but not fantastic either and slightly on the pricey side.

Manhattan Fish Market
Lot C43B/E,
Concourse Floor,
Suria KLCC

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