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*back-dated post

I was craving for Hokkien Fried Kuay Teow so that was exactly what rif and I had after work. Went to our regular place, Mei Yen and ordered a plate of kuay teow and “yau mak” with beancurd. We didn’t wait that long as our food came within 15 mins.The noodles came topped with a raw egg. Mix the egg with the noodles for a smoother texture before digging in. The sambal provided gave more “kick” to the silky rice sheets.

Mix it up

Ready to eat :)


The yau mak came stir-fried with plenty of chopped garlic. Although delicious,it lacked the beancurd flavour that we both love. We could hardly find any trace of beancurd in it a the gravy looked so clear. (So stingy la these people…)

Yau Mak

I thought the standard of their food has dropped slightly since our last visit. The noodles did not have as much wok hei as before. However, rif thought the food tasted as good as last time. Dinner came up to about RM 18 which I thought was quite reasonable.

Ambiance: 2/10
Price: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Verdict: Despite the slight drop in standard, we still like their Hokkien Fried Kuay Teow and affordable pricing.

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