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*backdated post

rif and I had dinner at PJ Old Town a few weeks back. Since I hardly venture into old town, I let rif decide on what to have. He chose to have banana leaf rice at Gerai Makanan Kavitha at PJ Old Town Food Court. rif frequents this stall with his family quite regularly.

Banana Leaf Rice (RM 4.00)

We had the banana leaf rice and two pieces of freshly fried chicken. We also asked for a plate of fried bitter gourd, fried upon order.

Fried Chicken (RM 3.00 per piece)

The fried chicken was pretty good. Moist, tender chicken under the crispy, thin skin…just thinking of it makes me salivate. Squeeze some lime on top for maximum satisfaction.

Front: Papadams (complimentary), Back: Deep fried bitter gourd (RM 1.00)

The deep fried bitter gourd was not bad…although I still prefer the ones from Kanna Curry House. The banana leaf rice was standard…similar to the ones at other banana leaf eateries.

Looks good but we didn’t order any :p

Our meal cost RM 15. Overall, it was a pretty satisfactory meal and reasonable, too. I prefer this place to Sri Nirvana Maju in Bangsar as the service is much, much better.

Ambiance: 3/10 (can’t expect much from a food court)
Price: 8/10
Food: 7.5/10
Verdict: I enjoyed my meal and am looking forward to eating here again. Enough said.

Gerai Makanan Kavitha
PJ Old Town Food Court,
Jalan Othman (opposite bus station)
Petaling Jaya

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