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Malclom and I were hankering for donuts again so we agreed to meet up last Tuesday (5th Feb) for some good ol’ donut binge. Reached Pavilion at 8.30 pm and joined the long queue of donuts zombies. We were contemplating on whether to get 1 or 2 dozen of donuts.

Do we look like Homer Simpson? :p

We got TWO DOZEN. I went prepared for the donut battle having skipped lunch and dinner. I was famished so 1 dozen was not much of a problem for me. Obviously, we skipped the drinks after the previous boo-hoo we had. Since it was a full house, two lovely ladies, Cheryl and Shern offered to let us join their table.
Their eyes nearly popped out when we told them we were planning on eating a dozen each. They stayed and watched till we finished our 6th donut before they felt it was too much for them to handle. Long story short, I did it. I ATE 12 FREAKIN’ DONUTS all by myself. Somebody better give me an eating medal now….nyek nyek nyek. :p
Malcolm? Well…he managed 7 and a half donuts before he threw in the towel and declared me the almighty donut eater…just like rif had earlier. :) I didn’t like the new Choco Caviar Mint. That one tasted like chocolate chips on toothpaste…even Malcolm agreed with me. But we both liked the Choco Caviar Strawberry. Creamy strawberry cream sprinkled with chocolate coated biscuits on a soft, fluffy donut ring. I saved the Cheese and Green Tea donuts for last. So that I wouldn’t feel so jelak. *grins*

Malcolm gives up

Well…an hour later, I did feel very, very jelak. We were way too high on sugar and decided we needed something sour to fix things. So there we were two sugar-high whackos wandering around KL looking for an asam laksa stall at 11.30 at night.

All in, it was an achievement for me having eaten all 12 donuts myself. Malcolm ta-paued his 4 and a half donuts home….and till today (10th Feb), it’s still in his fridge…right Malcolm? Tsk tsk tsk….. :P

Ambiance: 4/10 (Crowded)
6.5/10 (RM 35 for 2 Dozen)
Not as good as Krispy Kreme but better than other donut places in Malaysia.

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