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Nasi Lemak Warong Sinarnor

*reposting this 2009 article since it got lost during blog migration. 🙁 During my recent stint in the Miss World Malaysia 2009 pageant, I was asked this odd question by the panel of judges – “Name us one dish that is truly Malaysian.” It was after all a beauty pageant, so I was not prepared […]

Food Vlog: Nasi Lemak Warong SinarNor @ Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur

Warong SinarNor is my favourite nasi lemak place of all time. rif was the one who introduced me to this stall and I’ve been going there for my nasi lemak fix ever since. For those who enjoy watching their videos on larger screens, you might want to click on the HD version. Enjoy! I would […]

Nasi Lemak Warong SinarNor – StarMetro December 2009

Check out my column on Nasi Lemak Warong SinarNor in StarMetro HERE!

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