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BBQ Thai, Old Klang Road

BBQ Thai, Old Klang Road

I’ve eaten at BBQ Thai in Old Klang Road several times but haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. It’s become one of rif’s favourite places to go to when he’s craving Thai food – BBQ Thai is known for its Thai street food and grilled items like pork neck and squid. The place gets […]

Khunthai, Penang

I reckon I go through an Asian food phase every now and then, with Thai topping the list. Good thing there are plenty of decent and affordably priced Thai food in Malaysia, else I’d go broke paying for premium Thai cuisine! In Penang last month, I tried the original outlet of the famous Khuntai with […]

Busaba, Bangsar Shopping Centre

I often believe food brings people together. There will always be dishes that remind us of our childhood, meals with friends and places we’ve been to. While some might disagree, I feel food (or lack of) leaves a huge impact in our lives. I know that food affects my mood very much. A good meal […]

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