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Kenny Hills Bakers

Kenny Hills Bakers

Sourdough pizza is my favourite kind of pizza – the tangy allure of sourdough bread and rustic touch of thick-rimmed pizza base with crispy air-pockets and slightly charred edges. It’s also a favourite of Jien as we both enjoy the chew and flavour the sourdough bread yields, just like the ones at Kenny Hills Bakers. […]

Portuguese Egg Tart from Lord Stow’s & Koi Kee, Macau

I went on an egg tart frenzy when we were in Macau last month. My parents were on a biscuit hunt at Koi Kee, but I was instead drawn to the glass display of piping hot egg tarts at the shop’s front. Plus, you wouldn’t want to step into Koi Kee for biscuits on a […]

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