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December 7, 2012

Sunset in Club Med Kani Maldives

Awesome right? Happy Friday! 🙂 Like my Facebook page here.

PUMA Social Playmates

So far, the people who saw me after my honeymoon said I was too dark. My mother thinks I look like a Chinese-Indian child. Even before going to Maldives, I was the tannest among my siblings. Now, they call me charcoal. 🙁 I’ll admit one thing: my current foundation shade doesn’t match my new skin […]


While rif took the day off yesterday, I decided to go back to work and regretted my decision as soon as I sat down in front of my desk. “Stupid girl. You chose to face the fat shit pile of work sitting in front of you??” My subconscience glared at me. I wanted to run. […]

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