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Imbi Market Breakfast

My late grandfather used to get up at 5am every day for breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop in Sitiawan. He would buy some pau back home for my breakfast but more often than not, I would only eat it at noon – that’s usually the time I wake up, involuntarily. In KL, I can never […]

Fusion Noodles at KM Kitchen, Jalan Kuchai Lama

Comfort. We each seek comfort in different ways – some through hugs and kind words, some turn to alcohol, some would indulge in their favourite foods, and some go for retail therapy. I do them all, but in a slightly different order – food, alcohol, kind words and lastly, retail therapy. I’ve never been big […]

San Francisco Steakhouse, Subang Jaya

San Francisco Steakhouse, Subang Jaya

Traffic is hellish everywhere when it approaches Chinese New Year, don’t you all agree? It took me an hour to get to Jaya Square from Bangsar via NPE. I remember going through the same jam last year, as the sau kung dinner was held in the same restaurant – San Francisco Steakhouse. During this time […]

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