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Category: Kuala Lumpur

Sin Hai Ping, Kuala Selangor

*From my food column in STARMETRO Kuala Selangor is known for its fireflies, fishing village and most importantly, fresh seafood! As a child, rif would follow his father on regular fishing trips there. Usually, they would catch about a dozen fishes, but there were times they left the river bank empty handed. Not wanting to […]

Hakka Restaurant @ Kuala Lumpur

During PC Fair on Saturday, rif dragged me around like a bedraggled puppy, looking for his new monitor. Ok lar…not THAT drama — rif took me along to find his new monitor, but I did feel like a puppy being dragged into the human mob, hall after hall after hall. Once we were done, we […]

Essence @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

I remember the day I got my driver’s licence — I was a few months short of turning 18, and was given the key to my dad’s car. In less than a year, I accumulated 9 summonses, each stating I was driving at 150km/h or more. I get terribly annoyed when there is a traffic […]

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