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Hao Xiang Chi, Klang

by Bangsar Babe

I’ve heard good things about Hao Xiang Chi in Klang, a large outlet located inside the unassuming Centro Mall. I knew of them as a catering company but not as a restaurant and was pleasantly surprised with the food when I paid them a visit a couple of weeks back. A good friend of mine tells me this is her favourite Chinese restaurant in Klang and coming from a food connoisseur like herself, it’s a good sign.


The setup of Hao Xiang Chi makes it an ideal gathering venue for family and friends

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the mall and I must say, the interior is quite pleasing to the eye. Since it was our first time, we opted for their best sellers – fried trotter with minced pork, eggplant four variety, golden yam ring with sweet and sour pork, braised roast chicken with millet wine and braised chicken with mix prawn and pumpkin sauce.


Braised chicken with mix prawn and pumpkin sauce


Though there were quite a number of table and private rooms occupied, our food didn’t take long to arrive. Tastewise, I enjoyed everything. The dishes were delicious in their own way and each were of good portion. I particularly like the chicken and prawn in pumpkin sauce (RM28 – small, RM56 – large) as the gravy has a balance of savoury and sweet which pairs well with the Cordon Bleu, and it complements the tender chicken pieces nicely. That said, the prawns could have been fresher.


Braised roast chicken with millet wine


Goes well with cognac, trust me!


Those who love rice wine chicken would enjoy the braised roast chicken with millet wine (RM45 – small, RM90 – large), as the one at Hao Xiang Chi is pretty good. The chicken is first roasted, then braised with plenty of ginger in millet wine broth for the sweet and spicy notes to permeate into the meat. My mother in-law enjoyed this just as much.


Golden yam ring with sweet and sour pork


Fried yam ring usually comes with kung po chicken (at least that’s what I’ve been accustomed to) but the one at Hao Xiang Chi (RM20 – small, RM40 – large) comes with sweet and sour pork. The latter is a favourite of Jien’s and the combination of crisp, fluffy yam and tender chunks of pork hits the spot – comfort food done right.


Fried trotter with minced pork


I couldn’t get enough of the fried pork trotters (RM28 – small, RM56 – large) and despite our small party of four, a part of me regretted not ordering the entire knuckle. This is served in smaller pieces for easy eating, and the skin is fried till crispy on the exterior yet soft and tender when you sink your teeth in. Even the meat is adequately tender and well-seasoned with garlic and spices – I found this especially tasty when paired with cognac.


Eggplant four variety

Service could use some work as I found it difficult to get the attention of the floor staff despite many of them around. We were also unsure how to eat the eggplant four variety (RM18 – small, RM36 – large) as the platter comprises eggplant sticks with an assortment of garlic, chilli, scallions and mushrooms on top. We tried them in each component before further experimenting and mixing everything up – I prefer mixing this up as I go along, because raw garlic isn’t quite my kind of thing. Nonetheless, it was a good dish and one I would order again.


Our bill came up to RM175 for all the above, inclusive of tea and rice. I find it reasonable as the food is good and portions are fair. Definitely a place I would recommend if you’re looking for a get together venue – I’m already planning my next visit here to try their dim sum! They also offer CNY set menus if you’re looking to dine in a group of 8 or more so do inquire within.

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Ambiance: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 7/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: One of the better Chinese restaurant meals I’ve tried so far. Service needs work though.


Hao Xiang Chi Restaurant
17, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama,
Kawasan 16, 41300 Klang,
Tel: 03-3344 8618

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