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Hoong Wan Fish Noodles, Chemor

by Bangsar Babe

During our recent trip to Ipoh, we ventured slightly further from the city – Chemor to be exact, in search for this “really good” fish noodles, according to our sources. Hoong Wan is popular for its seafood and fish noodles, and prices vary depending on the items you order.


The aunty, cooking my seafood noodles


Order is simple – you basically inform the aunty of your noodle preference and the cook will dish it up on the spot. We got there pretty early so our food arrived within 10 minutes or so. Jien opted for fish maw, fish paste and wantan for his noodles (RM13.50).


Noodles with fish paste, fish maw and wantan



Generous portion


Seafood noodles

The broth was naturally sweet from the ingredients, and the fish paste had a nice, firm texture. I also like the wantan, which had a mixture of fish and prawns in the filling. I reckon the stock used is made of fish bones, as it smelt good on its own.


Crab, large prawns and clams


My seafood noodles comprised a piece of flower crab, two large prawns and clams. This tasted even better than Jien’s fish noodles, I felt. The soup was sweet and richly flavoured from the ingredients – I drank the broth till the last drop.


La la, fried with a ton of chilli padi


Fried la la

We also shared a portion of fried wantan (20 pieces for RM14) and house special fried lala (RM16). The latter was fresh, delicious and addictive. The lala is fried with plenty of chopped birds eye chilli and a dollop of beanpaste sauce for umami-ness. Am definitely ordering this again if I’m at Hoong Wan.


Fried wantan


Herbal tea


If you’re dining in a large group, Hoong Wan also serves seafood noodles in a large pot. That feeds easily 4 pax and I believe that version is tastier. Probably a bit pricier too. ;)

Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Verdict: Try the seafood noodles and fried la la.

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Restoran Hoong Wan
2, Jalan Silang 3,
Taman Chemor,
31200 Perak.
Business hours: 7am till 3pm
(closed Tuesdays)

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